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Research to Resources

Denise Steers

Thursday, 1 July 2021 at 12:00:00 am UTC

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This submission will discuss the process of turning research into practical resources for those living with Variations in Sex Characteristics (VSC) and those who care for them. In this instance it is the development of a parent resource based on PhD research which explored the decision-making process for health care provision from the perspectives of young people with a VSC, Parents of children with a VSC and the health professionals who work in the area of VSC.

During the PhD, close collaborative partnerships between health care providers, Intersex advocates and those with lived experience where established. The research highlighted the need for practical resources. Especially, to help parents navigate the challenges of the health system and making decisions for children born with a VSC.

The resource is in the second phase of development, having consulted with parents with lived experience, health professionals and intersex advocates to gain feedback on the resources design, content and relevance specific to the New Zealand Context.

I will discuss the benefits of building on research partnerships to develop a parent resource that is driven by a human rights and psychosocial approach that elevates the voices of those with lived experience.

Denise Steers is a clinical psychologist and researcher who completed her PhD on Decision making for children born with a variation in sex characteristics at the University of Otago, Wellington Aotearoa/New Zealand. She is currently doing a PostDoc developing a parent resource for parents and health professionals based on her PhD research.

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