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Katrina Roen, Professor of Sociology

University of Waikato, Aotearoa New Zealand

My research centrally concerns health and well-being, youth identities, sexuality and gender. I draw from critical psychology, sociology, interdisciplinary health research, youth studies, and gender studies, engaging with concepts of discourse, embodiment, and subjectivity. My work tends to be qualitative, with an emphasis on methodological approaches that enable analysis of the relationships between the individual level (experience, language, subjectivity) and the socio-cultural level (discourse, power relations, socio-political contexts)

Dr. Limor Danon, Sociologist, Medical Humanities Program

Bar-Ilan University, Israel

My studies focus on the social, biopolitical aspects of intersexuality. Since 2005 I have been examining the dynamics, connections and conflicts between the medical system, parents and intersex subjects, as well as the processes of change within the field of intersex studies. My new study examines the different aspects of repro-genetic technologies on intersex bodies.

Read Limor's biography on The Bar-Ilan University site:

Dr. Matthew Malouf

Matthew Malouf, Licensed Psychologist

Malouf Counseling and Consulting, Baltimore, USA

Matthew Malouf Ph.D. (he/him) is a licensed Psychologist whose private practice focuses on LGBTQI affirming care and providing training and supervision around intersexuality.  He is a member of PSI-I and WPATH’s Revision Committee and has previously served on SAMHSA’s National Workgroup for LGBTQI2-S Youth and Their Families, and on InterConnect’s Medical Advisory Board.

Marta Prandelli photo_edited.jpg

Marta Prandelli, Postdoctoral Research Associate

The Open University, UK

Marta Prandelli joined the Open University in November 2021 as a Post Doctoral Associate at the School of Psychology & Counselling, working both on the development of the Open Psychology Research Centre research infrastructure and on Intersex Studies. Marta holds a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Padova (Italy), and received a BSc and MSc in Psychology at the same university. Marta’s fully funded PhD explored the narratives of Italian parents of intersex children and health professionals, looking at the relationship between bodies, gender, sexuality and culture.

Peter Hegarty, Professor of Psychology

The Open University, UK

Peter Hegarty is a social psychologist and historian of psychology who works at the Open University in the United Kingdom. He is a member of the American Psychological Association’s Task Force on differences of sex development, and is a member of the Executive Committee of the charity ICON UK.  His recent research has examined public understanding of intersex and the controversies surrounding its medical treatment.

Dr Lih-Mei Liao, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Independent Practice, UK

I was extremely lucky to be able to develop my research interests in norms-driven reproductive and genital interventions, outside my clinical responsibilities at University College London Hospitals as head of department and professional lead. Since retiring from that substantial role, I have been able to process my academic and clinical learning in a forthcoming book, Variations in Sex Development: Medicine, Culture and Psychological Practice. This is a work in progress, which has followed on from another, a co-edited anthology Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery: Solution to What Problem? I am delighted to be part of Psychosocial Studies in Intersex International and to serve Interconnected UK as a trustee. My current aspiration is to deepen my practice as therapist and teacher.

Dr Julie Aldereson, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston, UK

Julie Alderson is a UK National Health Service Consultant Clinical Psychologist with a  CORST Level 7 Professional Certificate in Psychosexual Therapy from the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology. She has worked in the field of Intersex with Adults, Young People, Children and parents of babies for 25 years. In recent years she has been working with UK health service commissioning to develop psychology services for children and young people growing up with diverse sex development.


Bonnie Scranton, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Family Support Clinician at Connecticut Childrens' Medical Center, Doctoral Student in Social Work, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Bonnie Scranton M.S.W. (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Sex Educator who works in both private practice and on Connecticut Children’s Medical Center’s Interdisciplinary Team for Differences of Sex Development as a Family Support Clinician.  Bonnie has played an active role in both professional and advocacy communities centering the needs of intersex individuals, parents and families.

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