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As a network focused on promoting psychological wellness in individuals with variations in sex characteristics we are guided by the following core values:

We value psychosocial and quality of life outcomes alongside other health needs.


We value a non-pathologising, open and collaborative, patient centred approach to health care that emphasises and supports patient autonomy, shared decision-making processes, and psychosocial adjustment for individuals and families.


We believe that there are many potential outcomes for an individual's sexuality and gender and that identity development is an ongoing and dynamic process.


We believe that no medical decision is value free or without psychosocial impact nor does a single decision fully resolve values conflicts or guarantee psychosocial and quality of life outcomes.


We believe that psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, social workers, care navigators, trained peer supports, and others that provide psychosocial support and guidance must be thoughtfully and proactively included in multidisciplinary treatment teams.


We believe that empirical research must prioritise interventions, processes and outcomes that address psychosocial and quality of life variables.

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